Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn’s surfaces are made of marble and granite, and we supplied, fabricated, and installed them. We used a mix of Crema Unimarble and the beautiful Natural granite Antique Brown in the bathrooms, alongside River White (Plaza) and Crema Unimarble (Holiday Inn) in the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn’s bedrooms.

These materials were used to construct the bathroom vanities and door thresholds in the bathrooms, as well as case goods, luggage racks, dresser countertops and bedside boxes in the bedrooms. The vanities were mitred to give a clean, crisp, seamless look with minimal visible joint lines.

The result is a spectacular, inviting and upmarket look and feel that is in line with the customer experience of the overall hotel. These are important details that add elegance and durability to the hotel rooms.

Speaking about the choice of materials, our MD said:

These colours that our client has chosen for use in this hotel are a great option, adding beauty and simplicity but also practicality. The colours enable each room to have its own unique appeal, since each surface is cut from natural stone slabs that never repeat.

More than 250 tonnes of stone were used for Vanity tops, Floor tiles, Bedside boxes, Luggage racks, bath panels, and shower plinths in Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, which is now completed.